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A Tour Guide’s Tips to Explore Puerto Rico

If you’re planning on a Caribbean getaway, a leisurely trip to the island of Puerto Rico is a must. Heading to the pristine beaches, exploring the city, underground caves, and even hiking, are amongst the many things you should include when you’re chalking out your dream vacation itinerary. But let’s face it, a vacation is almost always short-lived and with so much to do, it’s hard to pack it all in a limited amount of time.

If you’re hard-pressed on time but still want to make the most of your trip, then De Tour con Ali is your ideal vacation guide. We offer private tours, taking you on an adventure showing Puerto Rico’s rich history and culture, colonial architecture, diverse cuisines, and even off the beaten trails to explore the tropical rainforests.

The Benefits of Hiring a Private Tour Guide

You could figure it all by yourself, but with plenty to explore, it’s better you leave the heavy lifting to the professionals who can guide you to the most interesting and relevant spots to experience. Besides being fluent with the local language, here are 5 reasons you should engage tour guides in San Juan Puerto Rico:

Small Groups

It’s quite cumbersome coordinating and engaging with large groups. With a concise group of people, you have the guide’s attention. If you’re a history buff, you’d want to have all your questions answered by our experienced tour guides.

Cost Effective

A private guide knows their city to the core and will not swindle you by taking you to touristy attractions with many overheads that work to their advantage. They’ll even guide you to locations lesser known!


You can start the tour at a time solely convenient to you and extend it to your heart’s desire at nominal costs, without the hindrance of strangers in large groups.

Customized Tours

If you’ve already done your research, you can always dictate the places you’d like to see. A private consultation with the guide even ensures you’ve picked the places worth heading to!

Some Handy Tips to Remember When Exploring Puerto Rico

To make your trip easier, here are some tips by your friendly neighborhood tour guide:

Know What to Pack

Given the year-round tropical weather, pack your summer essentials, including your beach gear. If you’re interested in hiking, appropriate boots, a rain jacket and mosquito repellent is required.

Wearing your flip flops in a coastal town is the norm, but don’t forget to pack suitable outfits when hitting the trendier dives!

Allocate Appropriate Funds

If you’re an American, then the currency and conversion isn’t an issue for you. As an international tourist, prioritize your expenditure based on your needs and currency exchange rates. Allocate enough for essentials like travel and accommodation. The island has enough pocket friendly options when it comes to food.

Legal Drinking and Driving Age

Letting your hair down on a vacation is a must. But if you’re a group of college students, be mindful that the drinking age is 18, but the driving age to rent a car is 21. If you’re driving, be prepared to be stuck in those pesky traffic jams!

With plenty to experience and explore, you could book our Puerto Rico tours from San Juan online or when you’re here in person!

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