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De TOUr con ali

Let me tell you a little bit of who I am, and what we've become!

I am an island girl, with a country heart and a gipsy soul. Good introduction right?! Well that's the short version. The long version is that I've lived on the island all my life and I finally found a job I am passionate for. I started in the tourism industry as a Chef. My life goal was to own a restaurant. With time I started recognizing other areas of the industry that I knew I would be good at. Went through Front Desk, Concierges and Tour Desk.  I recognized how the fun was on the other end of the desk. And well, nine years later I still have a dream. A much different one that is. I want to be the mostess of the hostess while you're in MY island. I want to show you a different side of Puerto Rico, the best one, the local side. 

I value your business and trust. Thanks to all the customers support, I have now grown to be a staff of 5 and a fleet of 4! A day out with any of us, certified tour guides will make you feel like a local by the time we're done. Take a detour from the ordinary, and experience Puerto Rico like a local!


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