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Tours & Pricing

Let me show you my island

  • Beaches, Rivers, Caves

  • Historical Sites

  • Culture & Local food

pr countryside tour with visit to a waterfall

  • Easy Hike

  • Hidden Waterfall

  • Private & Open Services

$85 pp

$69 pp

You're the Boss

Guided Snorkling &   
Biobay Tour     

  • Guided Snorkling

  • Biobay you can swim in

  • Local Food & Drinks

$189 pp

  • Customized Service

  • Various vehicle sizes

  • Pick up in all ports & hotels

Starting $85/hr

  • Select from 4 adventures in El Yunque National Forest.


Hike To Hidden Gem

  • Cave, Cavern, Spring & Fauna  

  • Natural Community Pool

  • Moderate/high impact Hike 

Starting at
$85 PP

$75 pp

Tours & Pricing

De Tour Con Ali Tours: The Best Way to Experience Puerto Rico

Looking for a tropical vacation close to home? Taking a tour of Puerto Rico might be just what you need!

With its rich culture and history, colonial architecture, diverse natural landscapes, and flavorful traditional cuisine, Puerto Rico is the ultimate destination for those seeking relaxation as well as adventure. Known as the ‘Island of Enchantment,’ it has been drawing travelers from all over the world and dazzling everyone who sets foot here. With its moderately warm temperature, you can plan a trip here all through the year, which makes it especially ideal for people looking for an escape from the harsh, snowy winters.

There are many ways to experience Puerto Rico but a guided tour by De Tour Con Ali is perhaps the best choice you can make. We will take you on a whirlwind journey off the beaten path, which will allow you to take in all the unique sights and sounds this beautiful island has to offer. From hiking to a hidden waterfall to a traditional Puerto Rico tour of beaches, historical sites, and food, we offer a range of options for you to pick from.

Enjoy Puerto Rico Tours from San Juan

If you want to get the most out of your holiday and visit places that you didn’t even know of, a guided tour of Puerto Rico is a great choice. It doesn’t just take the hassle out of planning your transport and logistics but also allows you to discover and enjoy a new destination in a stress-free manner. Our tours are especially ideal for travelers who want to visit remote destinations that you might not find on your tourist maps. Our guided tours include:

  • Let Me Show You My Island

  • PR Countryside Tour with visit to a Waterfall

  • Skip the Line

  • Hike to Hidden Gem

  • Guided Snorkeling and Biobay Tour

You’re the Boss is a customized option, which means you can tailor the excursion to suit you and your family’s needs. All you need to do is pick the attractions you want to visit and we will take care of the rest.

All of these amazing tours of Puerto Rico are available at affordable prices, which means you are guaranteed to find one that you love, no matter your budget.

Learn From the Best Tour Guides in San Juan, Puerto Rico

One of the best things about going on a tour of the island with De Tour Con Ali is our exceptional tour guides. From secret spots to fun facts about the places you visit, our guides constantly strive to make sure that our clients have fun and an experience of a lifetime. They have a special knack for making even the simplest tours truly great. They are passionate about what they do and will bring to life the many stories, myths, and legends associated with the island.

Sounds like something you want to experience? Get in touch with us to book a tour today!



De TOUr con ali

Let me tell you a little bit of who I am, and what we've become!

I am an island girl, with a country heart and a gipsy soul. Good introduction right?! Well that's the short version. The long version is that I've lived on the island all my life and I finally found a job I am passionate for. I started in the tourism industry as a Chef. My life goal was to own a restaurant. With time I started recognizing other areas of the industry that I knew I would be good at. Went through Front Desk, Concierges and Tour Desk.  I recognized how the fun was on the other end of the desk. And well, nine years later I still have a dream. A much different one that is. I want to be the mostess of the hostess while you're in MY island. I want to show you a different side of Puerto Rico, the best one, the local side. 

I value your business and trust. Thanks to all the customers support, I have now grown to be a staff of 5 and a fleet of 4! A day out with any of us, certified tour guides will make you feel like a local by the time we're done. Take a detour from the ordinary, and experience Puerto Rico like a local!


DE TOUR CON ALI is your "one stop shop" for tours, transportation and meeting planner services. Specializing in  "off the beaten path", customized and cultural enriched experiences. 


Take a detour from the ordinary tours and experience Puerto Rico like a local!​ 


EXCELLENT Rainforest for families!
Visting El Yunque is an excellent tour for families. There is a short, very manageable hike through the rainforest, which my three year old was able to easily complete. Please bring sturdy water shoes because there are rocks in the water (not crocs, which are supposed to be slippery from the reviews I've read). My children (age 3,7 and 11) all loved the visit to El Yunque and we would highly recommend it to other families. The De tour Con Ali employees were excellent. There were employees carefully stationed along the terminal to ensure everyone found the tour, and our tour guide was highly knowledgeable and willing to customize the tour to our children's needs.


Best Tour Guide. You won’t regret it.
I recommend booking your tour with Dr Tour Con Ali. Hector was very knowledgeable, funny and
friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting each location and hearing the history of Puerto Rico. Great tour
and I’d recommend to my family and friends.



A great day!
Nelson was an excellent tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and funny
Would highly recommend this tour to anyone who would like to learn the history of Puerto Rico. It was a
great experience.





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Hike to a Hidden Waterfall

Hike to a Hidden Waterfall

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Hike to a Hidden Gem

Hike to a Hidden Gem

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Let Me Show You My Island

Let Me Show You My Island

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